Status isn’t real

and basing everything you feel

on what the neighbours see is mental

Everything you seek to be

in residential harmony is fake

down to the Waitrose on your plate

and the stain upon your fence

but still your brain does not relent

from telling you that this stuff matters

but you yourself are just the tatters

of a child who once did dream

of more than tableware and finest cream

upon the tart

designed to fire a jealous heart

and bitter compliment

and feed a charged resentment..

deliberate with its intent.

I get the love to hate game

but you have to draw a frame

around it

Keep the boundaries clear cut

and know your chosen target

but make it mean something

and match the colour of your dreams

or let them be forever green

and meaningless –

never real or keen for less

than spoonfed motivation

from some embroidered, framed quotation

sitting on your wall that’s newly

decorated with up-to-the-minute truly

not you gone tomorrow chic

to mither cliques

that either judge you

or begrudge you.


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