Monthly Archives: January 2012

For the When

Delicately tangled
like the lace upon my knickers
the world is far too big now
and this candle gently flickers
to a rhythm all but random
like the heart I think I hear
though the breeze, she plays the empties
to the tune of old time fear..
Skin is but a cover
for a minion of thought
and battle scars that ache
just like the pike too often caught
but something I can’t touch
will see me through to fight again
as to take bait is not for the if
but purely for the when..

(Tony Benn) “The public resistance has become very, very strong, and now the government are now using the law and, er, restricting civil liberties in order to inhibit us from taking the necessary action.”

(Cameron) “Whatever resources the police need, they will get. Whatever tactics the police feel they need to employ, they will have legal backing to do so.”

Dedicated, spangled
And trying not to be bitter
The world is closing in
As I sit watching it on Twitter
And the facts are all so muddled
Like this head so filled with fear
But the wind keeps rattling at my door
As she tries to make me hear
that my skin is so much tougher
than the walls that I have sought
to build around these battle scars
that show how I have fought
nothing is untouchable
so yes, I’ll fight again
It’s not bait if you want to bite
It’s just a case of when..

(Tony Benn) “It’s not the first time that people have faced a situation like this. The establishment, when faced with something they don’t like, will mobilise all the forces at their disposal and try and frighten people into accepting something they shouldn’t accept. They’re not capable of holding back a nation in defence of its own rights.”

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