Monthly Archives: December 2011


So I keep looking around

and wonder how we stop them

fucking us into the ground..

and then I think about

all the shit we do

to try and get the word out..

Does it matter

that all these lives are in tatters?

It feels like screaming through glass

that just won’t shatter..

and then you take my hand

while we make our stand

and it’s not so frightening

that we’re igniting

what sits deep within us

and keeps us fighting..

Yeh I’m so glad I’ve found

someone who can help me keep

my feet on the ground

in these times of war..

It’s good to be reminded what

we’re fighting for

and on we battle

instead of lying down in storms like cattle..

Shaking cages we’re not supposed to rattle

but when you take my hand

and we make our stand

then it’s not so frightening

that we’re igniting

the fury of those

who keep us fighting..

And yes I love you

for all the things you say

and all the things you do

and I can’t believe my luck

to be this close to someone else

who really gives a fuck..

Now when there’s fear

there’s always somebody near

to break down the haze and make it clear..

So when I take your hand

and we make a stand

it’s not so frightening

that we’re igniting

something much deeper

than what keeps us fighting..