Monthly Archives: August 2011

Jesus! (for Nadine Dorries)

You’re telling me that if I really

Dare to have a choice

That bad stuff’s gonna happen

In that oh so sincere voice

See this skin? This is my wall

And you ain’t coming in

What goes on inside or doesn’t

Isn’t down to sin..

It’s my little slice of freedom

The place that chains don’t fit

And this head that you try working on

Will never buy the shit

That was sold to you to fill the hole

That isn’t really there

Each to their placebo

But there’s no Jesus to care..

And if there was, d’you think he’d like you

Preying ON the weak

And vulnerable instead of praying

FOR their souls to keep?

You make me sick with double standards

And how you spin those lines

We all know you need sugar to turn

Water into wine..

Fixing things that just aren’t broken

Can’t be justified

With your Victorian values

Why d’you think they’ve all but died?!

You will not kill our right to choose

You’ll just push it underground

Maybe that’s the plan, eh?

A few less of ‘us’ around?

So can you pass me that coat hanger

And a bottle of gin?

Run a steaming bath

And I’ll climb right in

And then I guess I pray to your god

That I’ll get out again?

I would’ve used the butchers

But he’s booked til who knows when..

Everybody makes mistakes

And it ain’t a fucking crime

If your condom splits or you’re off your tits

Or didn’t take your pill on time

Or you’re just not ready for parenthood

Or your relationship is shite

Or your pregnancy’s abnormal

Or you were chosen as a victim of rape one night

Or your career is more important

Or your life is on the skids

Or it’s just down to the simple fact

That you don’t want any kids

So feel free to wash your own brain

But don’t make others bear the brunt

Of the fact that you’re a bitter, god-fearing

Right wing fucking cunt.


To Land..

So I’m no longer there

and am watching from somewhere

that holds me afloat

so that I am not broken

and points to below me

it’s trying to show me

I can’t play a note

til the words have been spoken..

Time it has slowed

and I look to the road

that I don’t recall leaving

there’s a truck there with me in

but I don’t look the same

and it feels like a game

Don’t believe what I’m seeing

so I focus on breathing..

The moonlight is flashing

as I watch others passing

but they don’t here me shout

as I try to get out

and the pathway is forked

one is lit, one is walked

and I see the signs now

one is hope, one is doubt..

As I hope for direction

and I doubt their protection

can I do nought but stand?

Is this not for my hands?

And the truck has now gone

but the moon lingers on

and the road turns to sand

as I wait here to land..

There are no gods to guide

I’m just stuck on this ride

and though the masters are new

they still own me..

..and you..